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Health Care System Or Sick Care System?

Just in case you planned to exercise your freedom of choice and want out of this broken down system of drugs-and-surgery sick care insurance, lawmakers have blocked the exit. They’ve built in enormous financial punishments for people who decline to buy sick-care insurance. Hence, people who really take forethought of their health and require no health insurance can be handled as crooks and pushed to pay fines to an industry they don’t defend nor want.

If we simply had an honorable health care system centered on nutrition, disease prevention and patient education, Instead, we possess a system focused on medication, radiation, vaccines and chemo that not only ruin human health, but also damage the environment at the same time (where do you think all of those meds go when they get flushed down the drain?). Personally, for me to financially back such a system would be a infringement of my allegiance to preserving human health and Mother Nature.

Our sick-care system is beyond broke to fix. It’s time to stop flirting around the edge of an answer and get honest about what it would require to create health and stop disease. That will mean a huge repair of our sick-care system, and it will anger a lot of powerful corporations whose profits depend totally on the expansion of disease. The intention of the sick-care system is to feed corporations, it’s not to make you well. Here is your wake-up “smell the coffee” call, there is too much money to be made in sickness.

It is insanity to try to fix a broken system by aggressively expanding that system so that it harms a far larger group of people. You can’t slap a Band-Aid on this problem and call it resolved. You have to reform this from the inside out. But thanks to the influence of corporate money on lawmakers and politicians, there is simply no political will in this current administration to pursue meaningful reform.

So what does this all mean? It’s time to be proactive with our own health. The money you can save each year by not buying health insurance can be used to buy can be used to buy organic foods, supplements and health products, a juicer, to keep you healthy, both mentally and physically.

A gun-in-your-face sick-care system that forces people to pay money into a broken system of corrupt, criminally-operated medical scams like psychiatric medications or even mammograms, which have been proven to actually cause far more cancers than they prevent, is not in your best interest. Laetrile works in fighting cancer, yet if you want laetrile therapy you will have to outside the country. If a parent seeks the alternative other than chemo or radiation treatments for cancer, they will be regarded as criminal.

United States is a great nation, and freedom is at the core. A lot of blood has been shed for this freedom, just thinking we deserve the right to choose.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care System

People are afraid that if they switch to an environmentally friendly lawn care method, they will have difficulty having beautiful green grass because of grubs or unwanted weeds. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you have done the ground work, you will notice that an environmentally friendly lawn care system is superior to using insecticides/pesticides for many reasons.

First of all, you will notice that once the initial work is done, this innovative lawn care method is more economical than the old-fashion method of having to buy lawn fertilizers and spraying twice or more times during one summer with all kinds of chemicals.

Secondly, using ecological or natural lawn care methods supports the ecosystem in many ways.

1. Your grass keeps getting thicker and thicker which prevents soil erosion

2. Your soil becomes a rich source of worms and other microorganisms which help nourish the soil and keep it healthy. In turn, a healthy soil promotes growth.

3. A soil full of worms provides food for the birds which in turn help you get rid of unwanted insects

4. Grass which is not contaminated can filter contaminants from rainwater and many types of pollutants such as soot and dust from the air

5. And more importantly for us humans, healthy grass, like trees, can absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and give off oxygen back into the air. This exchange helps clean the air. Switching to an environmentally friendly lawn care system is one way to help diminish the effects of global warming.

In order to get good results when using an environmentally friendly lawn care system, you must think “preventative”. In other words you must take steps to discourage weeds and insects from taking over your lawn.

If you follow these steps, you can work with nature and avoid using pesticides/herbicides but still have a beautiful lawn:

A. Mow high (up to 3 inches) and often so that you cut no more than a third of the blade length at a time.

B Use a mulching lawn mower and allow the mulched clippings to fall back onto the lawn where they can decompose into rich fertilizer which promotes a slow but steady growth year round. With nutrients being slowly but constantly released, the grass can produce good strong roots which are not as attractive to grubs.

C. If you must fertilize, avoid fertilizers which make the grass grow very quickly. Too much fertilizing or using fertilizers with a high nitrogen or using “green up” liquid fertilizers makes the grass grow fast — too fast. It cannot develop good firm roots, so you end up with weak roots which grubs just love. Fertilizing once a year is more than enough.

D. As more and more of your clippings continue to fall back onto the lawn, it will accumulate between the grass blades. If you have half an inch or more of this thatch, you may need to dethatch. Otherwise, the water will not get through to the soil.

E. Water sparingly (once or twice a week) and deeply. Keep a small container on your lawn at all times to measure the amount of water your lawn gets when you water or when it rains. When watering, don’t stop until there is at least 2 cm of water in the container. In addition make sure the water has penetrated the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches minimum.

F. If you need to level your lawn, top dress with topsoil for lawns mixed with compost to prepare it for overseeding

G. When overseeding, use grass varieties which suit the specific location (sunny spot? shady spot?)

H. When the soil becomes compacted, aerate and add soil amendments such as compost or sand to relieve compaction

I Use an environmentally safe method to control white grub. Put nematodes back into your lawn. Nematodes seek out white grubs, citrus root weevils, the Japanese beetles, the May/June pupa of the beetles, the European/Masked chafer, the black vine weevil, and the sod webworm.

Taking care of the environment begins in our own back yard. We now know how insecticides and herbicides are having huge detrimental effects on both humans and the environment, so why not work with nature to create a healthier, greener environment for ourselves and our children — the sooner the better. Switching to an environmentally friendly lawn care system is one of the many ways we can all help clean up and save our environment.